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Flare Construction | Questar Gas Hunter Tap
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Questar Gas Hunter Tap

In 2013, Flare completely remodeled the existing Questar Gas Hunter Tap Station in the heart of West Valley City, Utah. The new station was expanded to include new control, heater, meter, control valve, odorant and regulator buildings as well as new piping and pipeline tie-ins. The project had aggressive completion date and at times, crews were working 7 days a week. The most challenging part of the project was completing the tie-ins to the Questar feeder line located under UDOT’s busy 3500 South Road. The project was completed on-time and within budget.

Major project elements included:

  • Demolition of an existing house and three other Questar Buildings
  • Removal of a large number of mature trees
  • Construction of six new buildings (approx. 11,500 square feet in total):
    • Control Valve Building (62’ x 42’ x 26’)
    • Meter Building (92’ x 65’ x 26’)
    • Odorant Building (32’ x 32’ x 10’)
    • Regulator Building (12’ x 16’ x 9’)
    • Heater Building (50’ x 28’ x10’)
    • Pre-fab concrete control Building (28’ x 11’ x 9’)
  • Pipe fabrication ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter
  • Completion of approximately 26,000 weld inches during piping fabrication
  • Coordination with UDOT to complete tie-in work in center of 3500 South Road

Coordination with landowners, residents, city, county and UDOT personnel was critical to the success of this project.