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Flare Construction | Questar Gas Bluff Street Station
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Questar Gas Bluff Street Station

In 2013, Flare constructed a new regulator station that included new piping and buildings at a very visible and busy intersection in St. George, Utah. The project was located on a steep, rocky hillside that had to be excavated, filled, and leveled to create a pad for the buildings and piping. The project had a very aggressive schedule which required the work to be started immediately. Within three days of contract award, building permits were obtained, equipment mobilized and we began working on site.

Key elements of this project included:

  • Rock excavation
  • 30,000 CY of site earth work
  • Riprap-lined erosion channel
  • Concrete footings, foundations, and slabs
  • 26-foot x 35-foot steel frame building with sound dampening walls
  • Electrical control and communication tower
  • Transportation, fabrication, and installation of 12-inch and 8-inch above- and below-ground piping and valves
  • Launcher and receiver barrel installation and testing
  • Live gas tie-ins to existing high pressure gas feeder line located under city streets
  • Asphalt and concrete surface improvements
  • 135 feet of 8-foot-high pre-cast decorative fencing
  • Landscaping