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Flare Construction | Wildcat Compressor Station – Ruby Pipeline, LLC.
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Wildcat Compressor Station – Ruby Pipeline, LLC.

In 2010, Bodell Construction awarded the earthwork package for the LEED Certified Gold–Wildcat Compressor Station in northern Utah to Flare. The Ruby Pipeline consists of approximately 675 miles of 42-inch natural gas transmission pipeline that begins at the Opal Hub in Wyoming and terminates at a Malin, Oregon, interconnect near California’s northern border. The pipeline has a capacity of up to 1.5 billion cubic feet per day.

Our work consisted of clearing and grubbing approximately 20 acres of land quickly and efficiently and hauling off the grubbings to LEED approved disposal sites to allow Bodell to begin pipeline construction. Compressor stations are vital to the startup and operation of a pipeline, so building them in a safe, timely manner is critical. We worked with Bodell to: excavate and backfill all structural foundations; complete final grading of roads and open areas; place chat rock; and pave access roads.