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Flare Construction | Three Bridges in Sevier County
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Three Bridges in Sevier County

This project included removal of three bridges over the Sevier River throughout Sevier County, Utah, and replacing them with new concrete-bridge structures. The project required diversion of the Sevier River (approx. 100 cubic feet per second) in three separate locations, by building cofferdams to create dry areas needed to construct the abutments. The Sevier River was also diverted to allow placement of the riprap at the abutments. The project included placement of 1,150 cubic yards of rip rap; 665 cubic yards of structural concrete; 104,890 pounds of reinforcing steel; 19 pre-stressed concrete beams and over 5,000 tons of imported aggregates. Of the 665 cubic yards of structural concrete, 200 cubic yards were placed in cold-weather conditions. Cold-weather protection was accomplished by tenting the abutments and heating the inside to maintain required temperatures.