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Flare Construction | Rico Mine Reclamation Project
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Rico Mine Reclamation Project

In 2011, Anderson Engineering hired Flare Construction to provide a full range of remediation construction services for its Rico Colorado Mine Reclamation — a once booming silver, lead, and zinc mine. To date, we have completed the building of large drying cells for the removed solids; created a pilot test wetland to determine the feasibility of a larger scale passive water treatment system for the area; installed new dikes; improved existing dikes; installed riprap; and improved spillways for this ongoing project.

  • Riprap rock placement along the Dolores River
  • Site earth work
  • Riprap-lined erosion channel construction
  • Settling ponds dredging
  • Mechanical removal and trucking of solids from settling ponds
  • Road building and pioneering
  • Materials importing
  • Pond dike installation and reconstruction
  • Spillway installation and reconstruction
  • Drainage pipe systems construction