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Flare Construction | Kennecott Copper Mine – Bingham Magna Ditch Remediation
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Kennecott Copper Mine – Bingham Magna Ditch Remediation

n 2007 and 2008, Kennecott/Rio Tinto Mine contracted with Flare to perform the remediation on the Bingham Magna Ditch in the Salt Lake Valley. The historic ditch is approximately 17-miles long and runs through South Jordan, West Jordan, West Valley, Kearns and Magna. Remediation was mainly in open areas, but several residential yards and industrial properties were completed with full restoration. Over 100,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils were hauled to a repository and clean fill imported to restore the site(s). Cooperation with local cities, schools and agencies were crucial to the project’s success.

Unique aspects of this project included:

  • Working with and transporting hazardous materials to the Rio Tinto repository
  • Working in a wide variety of location types—from open fields, to school yards, to residential properties
  • Implementing a health and safety plan to ensure public and employee safety
  • Performing air monitoring for project areas and employees
  • Conducting frequent safety meetings to and job-safety analyses to identify possible hazards

Because it was virtually impossible to quantify the extent of the necessary remediation, this project was contracted and completed on a “time and materials” basis.