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Flare Construction | Eureka Mills Superfund Site & Slope Repairs
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Eureka Mills Superfund Site & Slope Repairs

In 2003 and 2004, Atlantic Richfield and the EPA selected our company to provide restoration and cleanup services for the Eureka Mills Superfund Site in Eureka, Utah. The project consisted of the removal of heavy-metal impacted soils; capping; and restoration of existing mine dumps located on steep slopes in a historic mining area. Because of these factors, careful planning was needed to locate and protect historic features and to ensure the safety of crews and equipment. A rock quarry was developed east of Eureka at Lime Peak to crush the large volumes of aggregates and riprap materials needed for the project. To accommodate the dust control and water for construction, Flare constructed a 1 million gallon HDPE lined pond and installed a five-mile, eight-inch HDPE fused water supply line. Other features of the project included drainage ditches, riprap-lined channels, and storm-water and settling ponds.